Work from Anywhere

Emergency Reporting is web-based, so it is always mobile.

With unlimited concurrent users you’ll never have to worry about seat licenses again. We are known for providing world-class support and military-grade data security. Best of all, our system is affordable and scalable. We serve all types of agencies from small volunteer departments to the Department of Defense.

When data is stored on individual devices, it can be easily lost, stolen, or corrupted. None of this is a concern with web-based systems like Emergency Reporting. No single device or account can jeopardize your data. We even have multiple data centers across the country, keeping our customer information safe from natural disasters or other catastrophic events.






Not sure yet? Here’s some other great features that our customers love:


Easy to Use and Cost-Effective

A friendly, dynamic user interface makes reporting fast and easy. There’s no software or special hardware to buy.

Secure, Web-Based Access from Anywhere

Log into your account using a standard web browser. All data is secure and encrypted for online transfer 24/7/365.

Unlimited Concurrent Users

No added fees for additional licenses.

Automatic Backup Procedures & Upgrades

Instant database backup 24/7/365. System enhancements and new features occur automatically.

Great Support Team

Friendly personnel are available to help you.