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A Better Way To Gauge Safety: Measure NFPA 1500 Requirements [Part 2]

Safety Analytics was created to help your department measure its compliance with NFPA 1500 by measuring key requirements in the document. A Better Way To Gauge Safety: Measure NFPA 1500 Requirements Part 1 explored the first five gauges of Safety Analytics that measure NFPA 1500 requirements for your department. Keep in mind that these were only half of the NFPA 1500 requirements that Safety Analytics tracks for you. In this second installment we will explore the next set of gauges that take part in helping your department become NFPA 1500 compliant Training, Equipment, Apparatus, PPE, and Emergency Operations.


Gauge 6 Training

Are members of my department meeting agency expectations for Safety and Risk Management training?

The beauty of this gauge is that it is directly fed by data collected in JPRs found in the Training 3.0 Module. Since JPRs are uniquely created by each agency, your organization can build JPRs relevant to your safety programs.

It’s easy to assign a 1500 status to a JPR. Simply check the box indicated below and that JPR will begin feeding its data to the Training Gauge.


Gauge 7 Equipment

Is my equipment NFPA compliant and is it being annually tested?



Thanks to multiple enhancements to our Maintenance Module, you are now able to ensure your equipment is being tested according to NFPA standards. Improvements to this widely used module include the addition of NFPA-specific categories, subcategories, and inclusion of an NFPA Annual Test maintenance type.

Gauge 8 Facilities

“Are my facilities being inspected according to NFPA 1500 standards?”


This gauge keeps you up-to-date on facility inspections as defined in NFPA 1500 9.2 and Annex F.

This gauge will also tell you if your agency’s facilities have been inspected monthly for safety and health hazards (9.2.2, 9.2.3.). It will also let you know if each facility has been inspected on annual basis for overall code compliance.


Gauge 9 – PPE

Does every combat-ready member of my department have NFPA compliant PPE? Is that PPE being inspected and maintained according to NFPA standards?



Good things just keep happening to the Maintenance Module! This time its all about PPE. For the first time, you can assign ensembles of PPE to each person in your department. With just a few clicks you can easily check the inspection and in-service status of every piece of turnout or wildland PPE.


Gauge 10 Emergency Operations

Does my agency have the NFPA-required operational documents like SOPs? Have members of my department completed NIMS courses?

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This gauge shows you who needs to complete essential NIMS courses with just one glance. It also helps you prioritize the need for SOP and department policies related to emergency response and operations.

That’s it! All ten gauges, all ten NFPA 1500 safety requirements that should be measured by your department. But a tool is only as good as the user so make sure to stay tuned for the last installment of this series, A Better Way to Gauge Safety: Training for NFPA 1500 Compliance.