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A Better Way To Gauge Safety: How to Implement NFPA 1500 [Part 3]

Now that you have been introduced to the Safety Analytics tool, where do you begin the task of actually starting to implement your safety and health program? In the final segment of this blog article series, we will answer that question.

Learn from Experience

As stated previously, compliance with NFPA 1500 is a daunting, manpower-intensive, and expensive proposition. A cadre of UTA instructors actually implemented the NFPA 1500 safety and health requirements starting back in 1998. They saw great benefit in both improved safety and health for firefighters as well as improved operations and management within the department. Now they want to share this experience and the lessons they learned on the best methods and techniques for implementing an effective safety and health program called Fire 1500. Learning from others’ experience is one of the most valuable ways your department can make initial steps in achieving NFPA 1500 compliance. Make sure you check out this class schedule and sign up for a training from the UTA to learn how to best implement NFPA 1500.

gauge safety

Safety Analytics

One of the major hurdles faced was managing the large quantity of data in a dynamic manner to provide accurate and timely information on the status of implementation efforts. Partnering with the talented folks from Emergency Reporting in the development of the web-based Safety Analytics tool now provides this capability with our unique “Pump Panel” interface. And it is awesome!



Our goal is to provide you with the education and training to take your department through all the necessary steps to effectively implement an NFPA 1500 compliant safety and health program. The UTA training team shares their experience through a structured, interactive presentation on the requirements of NFPA 1500 and the 16 Life Safety Initiatives. The training comes in three different versions: FIRE 1500/Safety Analytics Plus; FIRE 1500/Safety Analytics Premier; and FIRE 1510.

FIRE 1500/Safety Analytics Plus



This online FIRE 1500 training version is available to any department looking to enhance their overall safety and health adherence to NFPA 1500. It includes an online basic training course that reviews and explains the requirements of NFPA 1500 chapter by chapter, discusses basic techniques for implementation, and provides access to the Emergency Reporting’s Department Library and Safety Analytics Plus tool to assist you in tracking your progress. Important Note: You do not need to be an existing Emergency Reporting customer to use Safety Analytics Plus. The modules covered in this course are shown below. They correlate directly with the chapters in NFPA 1500.

Module 1  Administration

Module 2 Fire Department Administration

Module 3 Training, Education and Professional Development

Module 4  Apparatus, Equipment & Driver Operators

Module 5  Personal Protective Equipment

Module 6  Emergency Operations

Module 7  Facility Safety

Module 8  Medical & Physical Requirements

Module 9  Behavioral Health & Wellness Programs

Module 10 Occupational Exposure to Atypically Stressful Events

FIRE 1500/Safety Analytics

FIRE 1500/Safety Analytics Premier is a structured, highly interactive 40-hour classroom training session on NFPA 1500 and the 16 Life Safety Initiatives. It includes extensive exercises on developing documentation and requirements prescribed by NFPA 1500 and provides real-time interaction with the Safety Analytics tool to demonstrate the interactivity, tracking, and reporting of requirements. It includes detailed methods to assess a fire department’s occupational safety and health management program using sample documents and other related online information. Participants receive the tools and know-how necessary to develop all of the various components for an effective and NFPA 1500 compliant program to include policies, procedures, facility inspection, equipment and apparatus, personal protective equipment, physical and medical requirements, behavioral health and wellness.


FIRE 1510

FIRE 1510 takes training on safety and health to the next level! This 40-hour interactive classroom training integrates safety and health into firefighting activities. It bridges safety and health requirements with fire operations providing insight into the hazards and risks involved. This training is intended for Safety and Health Officers and Officers. You will leave with the structure for a robust safety and health management system.

Building and managing an NFPA 1500 compliant safety program is a challenging endeavor for any fire department.

But if you’re committed to ensuring that everyone goes home,” and everyone has a long, and safe career that leads to a healthy retirement, then the training provided by UTA and the tools provided by Emergency Reporting are exactly what your agency needs to take safety to the next level.


Special thanks to Robert Braun, Director for the Military Service Center at the University of Texas at Arlington, for writing this blog.