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Top 10 Tips to Get Ready for the New Year

With the new year upon us, let’s celebrate the wins of 2015 and prepare to make 2016 another successful year. We’re pleased to offer our new years gift to you – The Top 10 Emergency Reporting Tips & Features you need to know as you roll into another full year of serving your communities, managing your data and telling your story:


1. Coming in January: A brand new ePCR!

On January 1st, we are excited to be introducing FirstPCR, a field-friendly way of documenting patient care. Many of you have wanted a patient care report that captures basic data during initial patient contact while also being easy to use on a tablet or mobile device. Our team spent many hours of 2015 creating a product that would not only meet this request, but would make documentation faster and easier than before. Look for full BLS and ALS versions later in 2016.


2. Safety First

What are you currently using to manage your safety program? In 2015, Emergency Reporting partnered with the University of Texas-Arlington Fire Safety Division to release a state of the art NFPA 1500 management solution: Safety Analytics. Every Emergency Reporting customer gets the Organization and Wellness/Behavior Gauges as part of the primary Fire package, but all 10 gauges give you a complete view of your department’s safety program Check out this video to see how our unique Pump Panel can help take your NFPA 1500 program to the next level:


3. PPE Perfection

With Safety Analytics Premier, tracking PPE ensembles for everyone in your department has never been easier. You can group PPE components into ensembles and then assign them to members of your department for easy tracking of routine and annual inspections. Up your PPE game in 2016 by taking full advantage of Safety Analytics Gauge #9: PPE.


4. Subcategories in the Maintenance Module

In 2015, we added subcategories to the Maintenance Module to help you better manage your equipment. We also made it easy to bulk migrate existing equipment into your newly created subcategories. If one of your 2016 resolutions is to become more organized, this feature will definitely help!


5. Perform Like Never Before With JPRs

Our Training Module now allows you to group training courses into a Job Performance Requirement (JPR). Do you have monthly training requirements for your firefighters? JPRs are best way to track their progress toward completion and make sure your firefighters are partaking in continuous training. You can even create a certificate of completion for individuals to earn and automatically upload it to their personnel file within the system.


6. Sign Up For That Class, Already!

Another new feature in the Training Module is the ability to sign-up for any class yourself. Your firefighters can request to join any class that you’ve added to the system. By clicking the Sign-Up Request button, the firefighter can send an email to the instructor. If the instructor approves the request, the firefighter is automatically added to the class roster and notified of his status via the Message Center. Pretty cool stuff for making sure you get the training you need.


7. Permit Granted

The latest addition to the Occupancy Module is the ability to create unique Permit Forms and use them in field much like Inspection Forms. You can capture signatures and even email the permit to the point of contact. This feature will help you create permits that better meet your community’s standards for 2016.


8. Export Your Calendar

Become more organized wherever you are! For the first time, you can now download your department’s calendar and use it on your preferred device. Simply click the download button and follow a few steps to import them to Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or other calendar apps. Here’s how to make sure all of your calendars are on the same page!


9. Make Time for Free Training on Thursdays

Become an Emergency Reporting Expert in 2016! Every first and third Thursday we offer live online training sessions with our trainers and power users around the country, with all new topics in 2016. We announce these Virtual Thursday training opportunities via our In-System Announcements at the top of the Welcome Page, on our website, social media (check out the famous Emergency Reporting Facebook page), and in a monthly email of topics you can sign up for here. If you miss any of these great training sessions, you can always catch up by watching Webinars On-Demand on the Emergency Reporting Knowledge Base.


10. Get More Face Time

Many of our customers tell us they want to get the most out of our system, but that it can be overwhelming at first. Even though we are a technology company, we realize there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, especially when it comes to learning the system. That’s why we offer on-site training and Regional Training Conferences throughout the year. Let us know how we can help you master the best records management system for fire and EMS agencies. Reach out to our training team at

All of us at Emergency Reporting wish you a safe and prosperous new year. Most of all, we want to thank you for being a part of the Emergency Reporting Family. Our mission is to help you be successful in managing your data so you can effectively tell your story to decision makers and the citizens you serve. We’ve been doing this since 2003, and we look forward to being your partner in 2016 and beyond. Happy New Year!