NFIRS: Why You Should Report Your Data

report your NFIRS data

Although reporting your incident data may not be compulsory, the advantages far outweigh any downside. I’d like to begin by clearing up some misconceptions. Misconception #1: It’s a requirement. Yes or No; it depends where you live. Reporting to NFIRS is not a requirement from the national level. Some states directly require departments to submit … Continued

NFORS Update (National Fire Operations Reporting System)

Emergency Reporting is committed to supporting all relevant state and national fire and EMS standards. We are aware of emerging standards from NFORS, but due to recent transition in that group we have not received any specifications. We would welcome contact with any department that has information describing any specific requirement necessary for NFORS. Read … Continued

3 Ways To Get Involved With Emergency Reporting

Team Appreciation is something that is highly important in the fire service and it is equally as important in our company. It means working together to achieve more. At our head office in Bellingham, you’ll find that we have a lot of teams working together to do what we do best Fire and Records Management … Continued

Using Emergency Reporting for NFPA 1730

Fire Sprinkler Head

My name is Roger Parker, and I’m the Fire Marshal at Avondale Fire Rescue. We are faced with the same challenges as many fire departments. Our Fire Prevention Division has limited resources and staffing to protect our 80,000 residents. Until now there was no national standard to help us prioritize our inspections or justify new … Continued

2-Second Improvement

Firemen on a Hose

Training is a hugely important part of being a firefighter or EMT. Often we think of training as long, formal meetings. But some of the best training comes with quick, little exchanges of tips and tricks. That’s why we want to build a community that is focused on sharing 2 Second Improvements. Anytime you come … Continued

New @ ER: The Emergency Reporting Experience

Firefighters working on tablet

Click to download the agenda The Emergency Reporting Experience is a three-day training event hosted a local fire-departments all across the country. If you’re new to the Emergency Reporting system or a long-time veteran, you can benefit by attending one of these regional training conferences. Click here to see when and where the upcoming Emergency … Continued