Why I Work at Emergency Reporting

It’s really quite simple: the people. There’s more to it, but it all comes down to the people that make up this company. I’ve been with Emergency Reporting since 2011, first as a part-time Regional Trainer and then becoming full-time in 2013 as the DoD / International Trainer. During these five years, I’ve always been … Continued

Top 10 Tips to Get Ready for the New Year

Fire truck rushing to scene

With the new year upon us, let’s celebrate the wins of 2015 and prepare to make 2016 another successful year. We’re pleased to offer our new years gift to you – The Top 10 Emergency Reporting Tips & Features you need to know as you roll into another full year of serving your communities, managing … Continued

Three Tools for Real Decision-Making in the Fire Service

decision making

Sangen Shugi Sangen what? Is that some kind of sushi?  And what in the world does this have to do with the fire service? While reading Driving Honda Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company by Jeffrey Rothfeder, I was fascinated by the principle of sangen shugi. This is the process Honda follows before making … Continued

A Better Way To Gauge Safety: How to Implement NFPA 1500 [Part 3]

implement NFPA 1500

Now that you have been introduced to the Safety Analytics tool, where do you begin the task of actually starting to implement your safety and health program? In the final segment of this blog article series, we will answer that question. Learn from Experience As stated previously, compliance with NFPA 1500 is a daunting, manpower-intensive, … Continued

A Better Way To Gauge Safety: Measure NFPA 1500 Requirements [Part 2]

measure NFPA 1500 requirements

Safety Analytics was created to help your department measure its compliance with NFPA 1500 by measuring key requirements in the document. A Better Way To Gauge Safety: Measure NFPA 1500 Requirements Part 1 explored the first five gauges of Safety Analytics that measure NFPA 1500 requirements for your department. Keep in mind that these were … Continued

A Better Way To Gauge Safety: Measure NFPA 1500 Requirements [Part 1]

measure NFPA 1500 requirements

As a result of our groundbreaking partnership with the University of Texas Arlington, Emergency Reporting is pleased to announce an industry first: a web-based tool to help you manage the health and safety of your most important resource your staff through a tool that helps you measure NFPA 1500 requirements and compliance within your department. … Continued

A State of the Art Solution: Pennsylvania and Emergency Reporting Team Up

state sponsored records management

On July 1, 2015, Emergency Reporting will become the preferred records management partner of the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OFSC). As a result of this partnership, every fire department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the opportunity to begin using Emergency Reporting for reporting their incident data to the Pennsylvania Fire Information … Continued

Prepare for an ISO Visit: Staffing Credits & The Daily Roster

prepare for ISO visit score lower PPC

  Anytime a representative from Insurance Services Office (ISO) is invited to your department, it reveals your organization has made a commitment to measure the services you provide your community. It typically takes hundreds of man-hours to prepare for an ISO visit. Through their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), ISO evaluates many facets of your … Continued