A Better Way To Gauge Safety: How to Implement NFPA 1500 [Part 3]

implement NFPA 1500

Now that you have been introduced to the Safety Analytics tool, where do you begin the task of actually starting to implement your safety and health program? In the final segment of this blog article series, we will answer that question. Learn from Experience As stated previously, compliance with NFPA 1500 is a daunting, manpower-intensive, … Continued

Keyboard Shortcuts: Fast Fingers For Firefighters

Fingers on Keyboard

When it comes to sheer satisfaction, there is little in this world that compares to pulling a handline to the front door of a working structure fire or administering D50 to a hypoglycemic patient with a blood sugar of 10. Those are the joys of being in the fire/EMS profession. Instant gratification? Sure. Life saving? … Continued

Making Great Software Greater

Computer Lab

Software as a Service is no different than traditional, boxed software. We must continually provide our customers with better quality software and faster release rates, while maintaining marginal price changes. We must do this to survive. Emergency Reporting prides itself on its core values, and two of those speak right into the challenge before us: … Continued

2-Second Improvement

Firemen on a Hose

Training is a hugely important part of being a firefighter or EMT. Often we think of training as long, formal meetings. But some of the best training comes with quick, little exchanges of tips and tricks. That’s why we want to build a community that is focused on sharing 2 Second Improvements. Anytime you come … Continued