Five Essential Tips for Success: The Administration Module

Five bunker gear layouts

For fire chiefs and system administrators managing their Emergency Reporting account, the Administration Module is their mission control. Quality time spent in mission control will ensure all the other modules work efficiently and effectively. With that in mind, here’s a brief list of five items every chief must know when setting up the Administration Module … Continued

Life is a Highway: Documenting Roadway Calls in Emergency Reporting

Fire truck rushing to scene

At our recent Regional Training Conference in Golden, Colorado, one of the participants needed an easy solution for his crews to enter highway or interstate calls in a consistent format. The problem he faced was crews were entering interstate incidents in a variety of ways. For example: “I-10 Milepost 260”, “Interstate 10 MP 260”, etc. … Continued

Driven by Data: The Next Wave & Real Fire Service Leaders

Fire Danger Today: Very High

I know the title of this post is a mouthful, but stay with me here. This is truly good stuff. Data IS Dollars I had the privilege of attending the Center for Public Safety Excellence Annual Excellence Conference in Henderson, Nevada during the week of March 10, 2014. One of the keynote speakers was Ernest … Continued

Useful and Usable Apps: Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide

Vehicle Exctrication

There is an abundance of fire service applications for mobile devices in your favorite app store. Some are useful (provides valuable information), some are usable (excellent user interface). The best ones are both. One of those really good apps is the Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide for iPad by Field Applications, LLC. This free app (iPhone, … Continued