Emergency Reporting Trainers

All Emergency Reporting Trainers are active or recently retired firefighters with over 100 years combined firefighting experience. Before they were Emergency Reporting trainers, they were Emergency Reporting customers. Our trainers fully understand your needs because, like you, they have spent years answering the call for help. Now they are ready to help you get the most out of Emergency Reporting.

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Training Staff

Mark “Mac” McKleroy Mark “Mac” McKleroy

Training Manager

Nichole Beard Nichole Beard

Training Coordinator

Tom Louis Tom Louis

DoD/International Trainer

Mark Wolf Mark Wolf

Regional Trainer

Meet Our Regional Trainers

All Emergency Reporting trainers are active or recently retired firefighters

Chris Ekstrom – Captain and Training Officer, Cripple Creek Fire Department (2005)

Johnnie Phelps – Training Officer and Paramedic, Anniston Fire Department (2003)

Ryan Dennett – Firefighter and EMT, Brunswick Fire Department (2009); Training Captain, Gorham Fire Department (2003)

Michael Bazzoni – Engineer/Paramedic, Kirkwood Fire Department (2003)

Tommy Batson – Deputy Fire Marshal, Pender County (1997)

Steve Conway – Assistant Chief, Oak Island (2009)

Steve Jean – Deputy Fire Chief, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (2005)

Alan Miller – Firefighter and Paramedic, Miami Valley Fire District (2012)